Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guns in church?

So today when I was in church, a lady gave me a big hug and when she did, she immediately noticed that I was carrying my off-duty sidearm in an IWB holster. And not being shy about such things, she asked me why I felt I had to bring a gun into church.

"Well let me tell you," I said. I explained that I had not always done so, because it just didn't seem right to bring a weapon into God's house. Surely God can protect his flock, right? But then I thought about it one day, and I realized that maybe God's plan for protecting it was me.

I went on to explain to her that I was trained and commissioned to protect the public, both when I'm on duty and off. While I only get paid for 40 hours or so, I, like most cops, am never really truly "off duty" and I'm expected to take action when emergencies arise. Granted, serious crimes in churches are rare, but they're not unheard of in this country, especially these past few years. Armed crazies have attacked church congregations before, often with devastating results. And while such a thing will probably never happen in MY church, I could not live with myself if it did and I was unable to do anything about it because I'd made the decision to leave my primary lifesaving tool at home. Sorry, but as a trained professional, I owe a duty to the public and to those around me, and that includes my friends and fellow church members, and yes, even God Himself. I would not want to have to stand before Him some day and try to explain why I'd let His sheep get slaughtered by a wolf because I'd chosen to make His church the one place that I did not go prepared to respond to evil. By department order and by my own choice, I carry my firearm virtually everywhere else "just in case" and I'm always ready to defend perfect strangers if the need arises; how could I shirk that responsibility in a place filled with people that I know and love?

So yeah, I carry my pistol to church. I don't apologize for it, and I have it there so that I won't ever have to apologize for not having it there.


Anonymous said...

Amen! My officer does also and it makes total sense to do so.

Please tell me you wear your vest also!?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do. We have had a couple of shootings in our city at churches and church meetings. They were both domestic issues. May people forget that crime and evil do not sleep, and it is satan's greatest joy to injure the church.

And I believe my darling wife meant that you wear your vest on duty. I obviously only wear mine while in uniform. - Officer

RoaVaPD said...

I told you the BAR would be tough to carry concealed, even IWB.

Martin said...

My hat is off to you! I for one, won't leave home unless I am armed. I recently got a new baby Glock. It conceals well and shares the same ammo as m duty weapon.

Thanks for the great post. You now have another follower.

Sid said...
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Anonymous said...

My husband just bought a Kimber he can conceal carry when off duty. I heartily agree with this and the only reason he hadn't always, alway had his gun with him up til now is that his duty weapon was too big and bulky to conceal well and we just couldn't seem to get the extra money together. I'm glad we just took the plunge.

Stephanie said...

Hi, first time to your blog!

My husband ALWAYS has his gun with him! (He even wore it during his sister's wedding along with his tux.)

He wears his gun to church and is actually incharge of security at one of our locations (we have 3). There is one officer in charge of the back hallway (towards backstage and where the offering is taken), one officer is in the hallway where the kids are, and there is a floater who watches the lobby and inside during service, not to mention the guy directing traffic outside.

My husband actually travels back and forth with our Pastor for each location.

Anonymous said...

My very first night in FTO a guy walked into a local church and shot his wife and two year old child. The child walked up to him, raised his arms, and excitedly shouted daddy. That shout was followed by the sound of gunfire. That will leave a lasting impression on a little puppy police officer, and is why I always go heavy, or not at all.