Sunday, March 22, 2009

Savages dance while four better men die

Fuck the City of Oakland. Straight up.
I don't mean the police officers there, or the firefighters, or the other couple of dozen people who live there who actually have jobs and no arrest histories, but the rest of them--the mouth-breathing, liquor-drinking, dope-smoking, wife-and-child-beating, welfare-getting, ex-con losers like these scumbags standing across the street from the scene where two police officers were murdered by a parolee and yelling "fuck the police".
Ultimately four brave, selfless police officer were murdered by parolee Lovell Mixon before other officers put him down like the rabid dog that he was. Meanwhile, the surviving officers have to put up with taunts from this band of mutts?

Screw that.

There was a time when my department actually had balls. Had something like this happened back then, we'd have had something for the savages. At Roll Call the next day, every spare officer would have been told to head into that area as part of a total "zero tolerance" campaign. Every violation would result in police attention, meaning that every untagged car would be towed, every observed moving violation or equipment violation would result in tickets and warrant checks on all occupants, all suspicious persons would be contacted and searched, and anyone who could be arrested for any violation would be hauled in. At the same time, the warrant squads would be hitting the houses of anyone known to have outstanding warrants in that area and the narcotics team would be closing up every dope house that they knew about. In short, life would become very unpleasant for the savages while the decent citizens would enjoy a few days with little or no crime.

We used to do that back in the day in instances where a group of residents would decide to harass or interfere with out officers during arrests or traffic stops. We'd hit that neighborhood hard for days on end and just rack up a hellacious number of arrests. Meanwhile, the drug dealers couldn't operate as we were scooping up their street sales boys and nailing their customers who tried to get into or out of the neighborhood. Oftentimes after a few days, the drug boys were known to administer summary punishment to a few of the offenders just to get us to back off. Oppressive? Damn straight. Unconstitutional? Don't care. What mattered was that these thugs learned to show respect for the police. They didn't have to like us, but they damned sure had to show enough respect to think twice about challenging us. And in instances where we had fools like those in Oakland running their mouths...well our sweeps might not have caught all of them up, but you can bet that we'd eventually snag their friends or relatives and their local dope connection, and often if we made life hard enough for the savages around them, someone would eventually make their life hard too.

It was largely because of that policy that we were able to run single-man cars long after the other area agencies doubled up, and why we had fewer chases and fights than neighboring departments. The bad guys knew that to go out of their way to mess with us was risking bringing a ton of heat down on the whole neighborhood in addition to the very real possibility of getting an ass-whipping. Our guys didn't play and our brass didn't expect them to. And if a criminal came in a bit banged up--or had to be arraigned on release from the hospital--so be it. Our officers were expected to win every time and complaints from lumped-up prisoners or their angry mammas were shrugged off. And the predictable result was that our officers got respect and grudging compliance from mutts that would have given crap to any other agency, and criminals often decided to do their thing in other areas because they didn't want their asses kicked. That type doesn't mind going to jail, but the possibility of a fat lip or a black eye on the way resonates with them like conscience or reason will not.

Alas, we're not allowed to do that any more. The unwritten but accepted policy of street justice, aka: "holding court in the alley" or "beat-and-release", was ended several years ago by a new "reform" chief that the higher-ups brought in from outside the department. It took a while for the mutts to catch on to the fact that they could now be as disrespectful to us as they were to other police agencies and everyone else in their little thug world, but they've figured it out now and we have the same problems that all of our neighboring agencies have--and as our brothers in Oakland are now having--where the thugs act as if they own the 'hood and taunting and harassing the police is not only condoned but encouraged. The police-hating, anti-American lawyer groups like the ACLU have done their best to handcuff us, and the tragic result is that now the honest citizens are that much less safe. Evil triumphs when good men aren't allowed to do anything, and it also triumphs in places like California where scumbags like Lovell Mixon are even granted parole.

Look west, people. Because as California is today, much of the rest of America may well be tomorrow. And if I can't stop it, I hope that I'm no longer around to see it happen.


MotorCop said...

Well said. That's about all the comment I can muster today.

Officer "Smith" said...

My city is close enough to Jokeland that we get similar behavior from the hood rats. I am used to telling people to put their hands up or take their hands out of their pockets and having them ask why.

Because I f*****g told you to, that's why.

You don't have to cuss at me. Damn!

It's a daily occurrence for us. And don't dare wrench them up a bit while you're handcuffing them or they'll scream brutality.

It's really maddening. I haven't quite given up yet though.

I applaud the restraint the Oakland coppers showed, not going across the street and pounding those mouthy bastards.

North State DA said...

I completely understand your sentiment (especially today), and I think that some of your pressure tactics are legal and totally justified. Some not so much.

The larger issue here is that this "thug" culture, this idea that being an asshole makes you cool, is a cancer on our cities. Everytime some little shit wears a "death to snitches" t-shirt, this culture metastaticizes. And the grand irony? The cops that are busting their asses, laying their lives on the line to keep these retards safe, get disrespected. And its THEIR streets that become war zones, and its THEIR friends and relatives that have to live in a state of fear and occasionally get gunned down for no goddamned reason. The cops go home to their nice neighborhoods, and the little shits that disrespect them are stuck in their hell-holes because they are to fucking stupid to realize that simply moving away from the shithole means they can live like normal human beings.

I am awed by the men and women that put on the uniform and decend into those depths everyday. I could never be one of them. And its a sad commentary on out society that the people they are trying to protect turn on them.

Officer Krupke said...

"Smith", I know what you're saying. Back in the day, we had no shortage of sergeants who would have sent a crew over to grab those thugs and "enlighten them as to the inappropriateness of their conduct" soon as the news crews were out of sight, of course.

But these days, we have supervisors who will take citizen complaints over the phone or meet with people who want to complain at their house instead of telling them to come into a station and put their complaint in writing--a writing that used to be used to charge people with making false complaints if the complaint was proven to be BS.

PSDIVER said...

Excellant post and very well said. And that is exactly what the people that stood and danced around are, fucking savages!! They call us when something happens, they need assistance, next time let them call their fucking crack dealers when something is going down, at least it will spare innocent LEO lives!!
May our Brothers rest in peace!!!

PSDIVER said...

Oh I forgot to mention, cards of condolence can be sent to:
Acting Chief of Police
Howard Jordan
Oakland Police Department
455 7 th Street

Mine is on the way!!

TJ said...

As a both a citizen of Oakland and big a supporter of those in Blue, I was deeply sadden and shocked to hear the news. I wanted to let you know that there are more than a "couple dozen" people in Oakland who are normal, law-abiding people without arrest records; people who do appreciate what the officers are doing to protect us in our community.

Last year I took the OPD's Citizen's Police Academy -- at the end of which we did a ride along. I chose East Oakland on an over-night weekend shift. For someone like me who leads a normal, crime-free life, someone who works and owns a home -- it was certainly a really big eye opener. I had no idea it was the wild wild west out there. I mean, I knew it was bad, I just didn't know how bad. I live in the Lake Merritt area, where this is crime for sure, but nothing like East Oakland. It was like being in a 3rd world country.

Please don't judge all of Oakland's citizens based on the really horrible actions of a few. There are many of us who really do care and find what happened absolutely appalling and disturbing.

I am sure that there is a memorial fund being set up for the family and their children, but I haven't head anything about it yet. Would you please post something if you find out?

My deepest condolences go out to the OPD and the families of the fallen officers. I know you are ALL family to them.

TJ said...

Thought you might like to see this:

Trust Fund Information for the fallen Officers

Oakland (Ca) - Trust funds established thus far are as follows:

Persons wishing to express contributions for the trust funds of fallen officers may do so by two methods:

1. Individual Checks made out to families and mailed to c/o OPOA:

Attn: Rennee Hassna
555 5th Street
Oakland Ca, 94607

Make checks out to the following:

a. "Dunakin Children's Family Trust"
b. "Romans Children's Family Trust"
c. "Sakai Family Trust"

2. Wire transfers directly to Merrill Lynch Accounts...

a. "Dunakin Children's Family Trust"
a/c #204-04065

b. "Romans Children's Family Trust"
a/c #204-04066

c. "Sakai Family Trust"
a/c #204-04064

Updates and information will be posted on the website.

Jeff Thomason
Public Information Officer
Oakland PD

2 wheel terror said...

Yes, the wonderful good old days. Back in the day the thugs didn't complain because they knew that they had what was coming to them.

You've written what many of us feel like doing.