Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the money comment of the night:

So in the middle of our snow emergency, I ask the guy I just stopped for an asinine traffic violation why he's driving.

He points to his passenger and says "Because he's drunker than I am."

Some people just make my job way too easy.

And for what it's worth--everyone that I saw out tooling around last night with a three-foot high mound of snow atop their vehicle got a ticket for it. That's dangerous to you and other drivers and common sense would suggest that if you must drive, you take a minute to remove it. Or to paraphrase Chris Rock: "Clean that shit off!"


Beat And Release said...

We had a motor officer many years ago who stopped a highly intoxicated fella riding motorcycle. After the expected lecture the officer asked the guy why he was riding his motorcycle when he was so drunk. The reply? "I had to do something. I was too drunk to walk."

KD said...

Beat And Release ~ CLASSIC! I love it. :)