Friday, April 16, 2010

Reader-influenced enforcement...and a new hobby.

OK, readers, this one's on you.

I got a lot of feedback on the previous story regarding the handicapped parking issue, so it was with that in mind that I went out this morning hunting handicapped parking violators specifically.

I got six of them, five for merely being parked in handicapped spots without handicspped tags or placards. But the sixth one was special--that one truly made my day.

I saw the car in a handicapped parking spot in an otherwise crowded area, It had a handicapped placard, but it didn't look right. I know what this state's placards look like, but this wasn't one. I looked closely at it and discovered that it was a special placard issued specifically to a renatl van with handicapped controls--the one that comes with such vans when you rent them temporarily.

The problem was, this was in a Mercedes sedan with standard controls.

In other words, it was an improper tag; a fake. Had I not looked closely at it, I'd have probably passed it by, no doubt as many other officers have done. This person was using the tag to park illegally in spaces reserved for the disabled, and if there's one thing I despise more than thoughtless people, it's calculating scammers who try to get over. This driver got a $250.00 ticket, but the slate's not clean on this one. I'm pretty sure that he works in one of a couple of nearby buildings and now that his days of free parking in the handicapped zone are over, I suspect that he'll try to slide into the adjoining unmetered 3-hour max. zone and hope that no one comes by and actually goes to the trouble of keeping track of who has and has not been there over 3 hours. Many of those employees get away with it because most patrol units don't waste the time doing that sort of thing--and to be fair, I don't either--but now that I know that car, you can bet that I'll be making not of what times I see it, and any time I catch it parked overtime and can document it...$50.00.

We'll see how long it takes for this car to start seeking sanctuary in a pay lot or disappearing from the area altogether. Trust me, I will make the effort to legally ruin this guy's day every chance I get. Like I said, I hate people who try to take advantage of the disabled so he or she will be my personal hobby for a while and it's probably going to cost them.

And you readers who commented on my prior handicapped parking's all because of you.


Jean said...

Way to go!!!!! My brother is wheelchair-bound so I do know what that is like (seeing others using HC slots wrongfully). Only time I was so sorely tempted to use one anyway is when I was 8-1/2 months pregnant and every joint grinded and groaned at every step I took. Please do give such poor swollen ladies a break! Midwife refuses to give me a temporary tag. It was rather miserable! BUT I still didn't use these blue slots and cheered up if I could park right next to it! When I see these blue symbols, I almost always think of my brother and left these for the likes of him.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you. My "Health Care Practioner" offered me one. If I can walk thru the store I can damn sure walk to the store. The people who can't need every break they can get.

Jay said...

Thanks Officer Krupke you have certainly made my day. If I could shake your hand I would. Enjoy your new hobby and may the Merc driver give you many hours of pleasure. Who knows he may even develop a conscience with the right prodding.

Katie said...

Hooray for you! Now if someone could just get our local politicians to give our poor, overworked Roanoke cops enough money for basics and enough staffing so that they have the resources to do things like this.

Ann T. said...

Dear Officer Krupke,
You made my day! People that stoop to this STILL get my goat, so any deterrence/punishment you can mete out seems like only fair.

Good for you!
Ann T.
P.S. It's always a damned Mercedes, I swear, or something equally expensive . . .

Ginny said...

I love it. In our state they issue a card with the placard so both need to be present to keep from getting a ticket. But I've never seen a officer checking. Keep up the good work and let us know what happens.

Josh said...

Great, that guy is a dirt bag. Way to go. Hit him up every day if you can.

Mad Jack said...

I got six of them

Yes! Yes! Oh, HELL Yes!

You have cheered me right up again! The fake handicapped placard is a real gem and puts the frosting on the cake. Like you, the only thing I hate worse than someone parking illegally in a handicapped space is a fake placard.

And, by the way, my elderly mom has a handicapped placard that she refuses to use the vast majority of the time. She'll only park in the handicapped places when she has heavy items in the bed of her pickup.

You're doing great! Please keep it up, and please be careful. You may not realize this, and I know it's hard to believe, but not everyone has the same attitude many of your fans do.

The Grumpy Dispatcher said...


Thanks, Officer Krupke.

We rejoice vicariously through you. ;)

BootedCop said...

People who make themselves "special projects" are what makes this job fun.

PA State Cop said...

Dad was handicapped, COPD. Mom is now handicapped. Want to get on my Top Ten list. Park in a Handicap space. Problem, I as a State Cop have to witness the offense. means I have to ID the operator before I write. Sometimes I wait, Lot of times I can't.

Anonymous said...

I hate abusers like that! I can ticket in the lots I work at, and I'm always on the look-out for fakes! I once found a temporary tag that had had the date cut-out and was taped back together...nice try!

canoehead_ said...

You are my new best friend, let'er rip!