Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is there a "short bus" stop around here somewhere?

So last night, I'm out and about and I stop this pick-up truck full of good ole boys because I saw them coming out of a road construction zone. It turns out that they were stealing...wait for it...SANDBAGS.

That's right--they were picking up all of the sandbags used to hold temporary road signs in position. Of all the things in that work area to steal, these idiots were only taking the sandbags. That's like breaking into a bank just to steal the pens chained to the counter.

They're also all drunk, which might explain the desire to possess thirteen state-owned sandbags.

But sadly, dumb as these guys are, they're not the special ed class graduates that I'm writing about. No, the real idiots of this story are the couple dozen pedestrians who happen to walk up during my traffic stop.

You see, I'd stopped these jokers just past a mid-block cross-walk. My cruiser is actually partially IN the cross-walk, with it's lights flashing. There are also three other fully-marked cruisers on scene, and we've got the four drunken bumpkins our of their truck and seated on the curb between my cruiser and the the cross-walk, naturally.

So what do these pedestrians insist on doing, literally one right after another? That's right--trying to cross the street in this cross-walk by going between my cruiser and the stopped truck, and even trying to walk between the four guys seated on the curb and the uniformed officers who are watching them while we search the truck.

And then these pedestrians have the nerve to look surprised and offended when we tell them to stop and look at them as if they're retarded.

Now it's not as if there's so much traffic that they all *have* to cross here--traffic's light and there's not even a light here. But the bike path happens to cross here so suddenly every brain-dead zombie on the bike path has to show up and try to walk through the middle of our scene. One woman even asked our detainees to move aside for her, I swear. And when I asked her if she had any idea what was going on here, she looked totally baffled and said "no."

So do you make it a point to walk around fire trucks at building fires and ask firemen to stand aside for you too?"

"Well no," she replied, as if that would be silly.

She finally went around the scene, but her fellow window-lickers just kept showing up and trying to walk through the scene, even as the narcotics K-9 was being brought up to the truck. I finally had to post an officer on each side of the scene just to redirect people who you'd think would have had the common sense that God gave a goose--it was either that or just put everyone back in their vehicles and move the stop down the block away from these white painted lines on the pavement.

Oh, and if this wasn't stupid enough, we also had to deal with several drivers who pulled up adjacent to the stop, rolled their windows down, and proceeded to ask for directions, as if we were all just out there like some sort of information kiosk with our red and blue lights flashing.

"We're busy--keep moving," we'd say before they could even pose the question. But even that wasn't enough for one guy, who insisted that we tell him how to find a certain street first.

"You'd best find yourself a gas station that sells maps real quick," I tell him. "Now move!"

The pathetic art is that this city is ranked as one of the most well-educated cities in America. I just don't get it.

Oh, and the sandbag guys? The driver eventually got locked up for DWI and his truck was impounded, and we made the other guys put the sandbags back before letting them summon a cab and leave.


911 and the Randomness.. said...

So that's where the last short bus got lost at!! 3 cheers to the most 'edumacated' city in America!


Moose said...

Are you old enough to remember the '70s? The "me" generation? Everything was how can I make "ME" more important, more better, more ME?

Yeah, I swear, this is the fallout from it. A friend of mine runs a Bed & Breakfast & in the past two weeks she's had 2 phone calls at 2:30 am demanding to know what her rates are, and a call at 5:30 am demanding a room right *NOW*.

That's just one of a zillion examples of people who simply cannot think of anyone but themselves or their own needs. To do it to a business owner or, heck, any other Joe Blow human is just rude and sad. To do it to an Emergency worker, especially a police officer, is just plain stupidity.

There's all this yelling and moaning about how we have to "Save the Earth" -- why aren't there such huge campaigns to encourage people to Save Humanity? Making kids do community service does not teach them to respect other people and their needs, especially if their parents can't see past their own selfish desires and wants.

Texas Ghostrider said...

Directions? six blocks up and turn right! opps my bad.....

Can't fix stupid, thats why we have job security!

Brad said...

the stupidity of civilians never ceases to amaze me...


Anonymous said...

I love it! It happens here all the time. Recently, we had some idiot walk right through a high-risk traffic stop. And there are always plenty of idiots who try and walk through a perimeter or crime scene.

Harlequin said...

Ha ha! That call sounded painful!

Yellow said...

Wow! I love it. . Lots of dumb for one call. But then again, I kind of think 90% of the stuff cops have to do is because of dumb. I am all for putting something in the water if it will make people less dumb.

Sister Copinherhair said...

I guess if the traffic was light and it would have been safe enough for people to jaywalk, then I can see how that would be a problem., we are having such a pedestrian/motorist problem that I would have been quite irritated if the stop was in the middle of the crosswalk. Of course, there would be another crosswalk just a block down. ;)

Anonymous said...

i swear at no other time would these people cross the street legally.

Mad Jack said...

You know, the good old boys in the pick up truck are starting to look pretty bright by comparison. I'm curious, but did the guys sitting on the curb get a good laugh from the pedestrian/cop interaction?

FlyTrap50 said...

I have started using my flashlight to head people off trying to walk through my investigations. Kind of a hint, before I yell at them.

HonkingAntelope said...

Watch out, with all the modern policing initiatives out there, you're going find yourself sent to Alternatively Gifted Awareness Sensitivity Training in no time flat with comments like this! :)

Tonjia said...

where do these idiots all come from???? sheesh!

people have no brains when they see flashing lights.